About Us

C.E.O Creao Interior Design Comapny

Creao Design is a dedicated interior design company that offers its services in Design Concept, Graphic Concept and Design Consultancy.

With our attitude towards change, we make it a call of duty to satisfy our clients’ needs with creative, resourceful, enterprising, accountable and originated core values.

With this approach, we execute functional, quality and tangible interior spaces regardless of funds and time. We have been in business since 2012.

Our Company’s style is reflected in our clients self-interest.

I am Olaolu Ifeolu Elohor, CEO Creao Design. I am a graduate of Florence Design Academy, Italy with a Masters Degree in Interior Design. My Passion is to design and my calling is to create workable designs to meet the needs of people.

I do not only see Creao design as a brand but a solution provider to housing challenges both locally and internationally.

By changing as little as the colours of a sofa or painting on a wall, we could change your lifestyle emotionally and in turn beautify your space.

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